Something more than daily transport

Modern models

A modern model that provides comfort for long journeys. The bus has sanitary facilities, two televisions, sliding and folding seats and many other amenities.

tour buses

This model is perfect for trips around the city where from the upper deck you can easily visit the listed monuments

classic buses

this model is kept in a classic style. It is designed for rental for films or for historical events

Garage services

Our vehicles are regularly serviced and checked to avoid any failure. Having the appropriate certificates, conditions and knowledge, we also offer:

Vehicle Health

technical inspection of your car over 12 tons

Garage App

applications that remind you of functions such as inspection, oil change, tire conditioner and more

24/7 Support

technical support for our clients

Repair Shop

We have access to the components you need, both for modern and classic vehicles

UK Bus Rent

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Each person over 24 years of age has a driving license for vehicles over 12 tons, and will pay a lien

Not. All you need is a debit card. If you book the car three weeks in advance, a traditional bank transfer will suffice.

The rental prices depend on the selected class and date, place of rental and return. When booking by phone or in a branch, the employee will inform you about all the price components

This is the amount that will be blocked on your payment card (credit or debit card, Visa or Mastercard) for the duration of the car rental. If your card does not have a blocking function (so-called pre-authorization), the deposit will be charged from the card. The deposit is refundable. The funds on the card are unlocked if the car is returned undamaged.

Yes. In the list of pickup / drop-off points, you will find items where the word city is used instead of the street name. Select this option, and in the next step of the booking, provide the exact address where you want to pick up the car. If the city or town where you want to pick up the car is not on the list, please contact the hotline and our specialist will prepare an individual rental offer for you.

Yes. Remember that for bookings made less than 3 days before the rental, it is possible to pay only by card.

In the event of any breakdown, immobilization of the car, road collision and other events related to the rented car, please contact the hotline immediately

Yes. To extend the rental, contact the Helpline by phone. You will need to pay for the extension. You can do this via a link received by e-mail from the hotline consultant or during the conversation by providing your payment card details. Your data is safe. Each payment is authorized by you. The customer receives a text message with a payment authorization code from his bank. The mere transfer of the card details is not sufficient to complete this payment.

The cars are insured, but the regulations of the rental company assume in the event of damage to the car due to the fault of the lessor or the fault of an unknown perpetrator, the so-called administration fee. It is possible to waive this fee by purchasing the “loss participation” option. Thanks to this fee, in the event of damage caused by the landlord or the fault of an unknown perpetrator, the customer will not be charged with additional costs.

If, when returning the vehicle, the customer does not return the registration certificate received at the issue of the vehicle, he will be charged according to the regulations.

We define the fuel condition standard as as-is / as much as there is, but not less than 1/4 of the fuel tank. Return the car with the same fuel condition that you received.

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Rental for advertising

It is possible to rent a bus for advertising. It is enough to stick it with your advertisement, determine the route or stationing and we guarantee that it will przenośny głośnik bluetooth, czarny, ekran surely attract many eyes and pay attention to the content provided.

long-term rent

do you run a travel agency or deal with local trips? We can become your partner and sign a long-term lease under occasional conditions.


Our buses look great as a background for a photo session

you can always take the bus